Flight: Stories of Canadian Aviation, Vol. 3.


  • Format Trade Paperback
  • Author Deana J. Driver and Contributors
  • Publish Date August 27, 2021
  • ISBN 978-1927570-62-3
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Description: Hidden airstrips, precarious landings, mid-air optical illusions, wartime evasions, annoying passengers, and long-distance flights for the birds are among the true stories in this engaging third volume of the Flight series. In their own words or with the help of author-publisher Deana J. Driver or 14 other writers, Canadian aviation enthusiasts, pilots, and other aviation personnel share stories of tense flights, perilous routes, historic achievements, impressive flying adventures and more in this salute to Canada’s aviation industry and people.

Flight, Vol. 3 includes 33 short stories plus an introduction – six stories and introduction written by Deana J. Driver and 27 stories written by 14 other Canadian writers: Bill Cameron, Will Chabun, Richard Dowson, Peter Enzlberger, Mary Harelkin Bishop, Dave McElroy, Vincent Murphy-Dodds, Curtis Penner, Don Riekman, Ralph Tweten, Walter D. Williams, Ken Wilson, Mason Adam Wray, and Bill Wunsch.

SK Curriculum: Grade 6 Physical Science, “Principles of Flight”.
Awards/Honours: Finalist, Next Generation Indie Book Awards 2022, Anthology

978-1927570-62-3; 6”x9”; 192 pages; 79 photos. © ​2021; Ages 13 to Adult. Nonfiction; Transportation; Aviation; Short stories; Anecdotes; Aviation history; Military; Canadian history; Prairie Provinces; Canadian authors.

Responses from Readers:

  • “What wonderful reading – love it – astonished at the work you did!”
  • “This volume, like the previous two, has its share of accidents and near misses.”
  • “I recently purchased your 3 volumes of Flight. Very interesting stories.”

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