Flight: Stories of Canadian Aviation, Vol. 2.


  • Format Trade Paperback
  • Author Deana J. Driver and Contributors
  • Publish Date June 11, 2020
  • ISBN ​978-1927570-50-0
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Description: Record-breaking flights, falling aircraft parts, early flight schools, and rescue missions are among the fascinating true stories in this second volume of the Flight series. Animal obstacles, balloon and helicopter trips, unique landing surfaces, and flights with legendary passengers are also chronicled in Flight, Vol. 2​In their own words or with the help of author Deana Driver or other writers, Canadian pilots and aviation enthusiasts share stories of first flights, aerial skills, adventures, joys, perils, assistance, humour, tragedy, and success in this salute to the Canadian aviation industry and its people.

Flight, Vol. 2 includes 37 short stories plus an introduction – 14 stories and introduction written by Deana J. Driver and 23 stories written by 12 other Canadian writers: Will Chabun, Peter Foster, Paul W. Greening, Harry Meeds, Alvin Irlbeck, Malcolm McLeod, Don Macpherson, Vincent Murphy-Dodds, Ron Sather, Ron Stansfield, Walter D. Williams, and Bill Wunsch​.

SK Curriculum: Grade 6 Physical Science, “Principles of Flight”.
978-1927570-50-0; 6”x9”; 192 pages; 62 photos. © ​2020; Ages 13 to Adult. Nonfiction; Transportation; Aviation; Short stories; Anecdotes; Aviation history; Military; Canadian history; Prairie Provinces; Canadian authors.

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Responses from Readers:

  • “I loved this book. Just as good as the first volume. When is Volume 3 coming out?”
  • “I have enjoyed all the stories I read in both volumes.”
  • “What a diverse group of stories in both volumes. There could be 10 volumes!”

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