Fun on the Farm books – 3 books – True Tales of Farm Life


  • Format Trade Paperback
  • Author, Editor ​Deana J. Driver
  • Publish Date September 2016-2021
Deana J. Driver13 Books


Mishaps with cattle and pigs, runaway horses, dangerous driving in fields, curious farm kids, and confusing technology are some of the amusing stories shared by numerous Prairie writers (including author/ publisher Deana J. Driver) in the three volumes of the popular Fun On The Farm series. Expect to read about pranks, pleasures, and pitfalls of farm life, as well as a few unexpected events amid the delights of living and working on Western Canadian farms.

A donation from Fun on the Farm books sold will be made to the Lung Association of Saskatchewan.

Awards/Honours: Fun On The Farm 3 was awarded Finalist, Next Generation Indie Book Awards 2022, ​Humor / Comedy

All three volumes are 5.5″w x 8.5″h; 144 pages; 15 to 19 photos. © 2016-2021; Ages 13 to Adult; Nonfiction; Anecdotes; Humour; Prairie Provinces; Canadian history; Fun; Canadian; Farming; Rural life; Family life; Prairie authors; Saskatchewan Lung Association.

Responses from Readers:

  • “This is one of the greatest books. I’ve never laughed so much in my life! I can’t wait to get the second one in the series.”
  • “My dad’s going to love this!”
  • “This book is even funnier than the first two!”
  • “What funny stories. Love it!”

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