Cream Money: Stories of Prairie People


  • Format Trade Paperback
  • Compiled and Edited By Deana J. Driver
  • Publish Date May 21, 2015
  • ISBN 978-192757
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Selling milk and cream was an integral way of life on the Canadian Prairies in the early to mid-1900s. On many farms, the women were in charge of milking the cows, separating the cream from the milk, and selling that cream to neighbours and townspeople. The extra money earned was used to subsidize the family’s income, especially in years of poor crops. Cream money helped purchase groceries, fabric, farm supplies, and other items that could not be produced on the farm. While children cherished the occasional candy treat purchased with cream cheque money, everyone in the family enjoyed the everyday bounty of delicious foods cooked with homemade butter or slathered with rich, whipped cream. Cream Money honours this bygone era of Prairie farming, celebrating the work of farm families through true stories and poems of how cream money was earned and spent.

Stories are written by: Deana J. Driver, Irene K Bingham, Dora Shwaga, Cornelia Mary Bilinsky, Bryce Burnett, Jean Fahlman, Truus de Gooijer, Brenda Garbutt, Maurice Giroux, Jerry Holfeld, Janice Howden, Ryshia Kennie, Betty Harkness, Marilyn (Brown) Meyers, Linda Mikolayenko, Theodore D. Mikolayenko, Laurie Lynn Muirhead, Marion Mutala, Clara Puddell, Carrie Schemenauer, Carrie, Carol McCullough, Lilleth Shantz, Eleanor Sinclair, Glenn Swallow, Roy Tollefson, Dexter van Dyke, Eleanor Wagner, Clifford Walker, and Ruth Wildeman.
​A donation from Cream Money books sold will be made to Lung Association of Saskatchewan.

Awards/Honours: Shortlisted, One Book One Province, Saskatchewan 2017
ISBN: 978-1-927570-19-7; 6″w x 9″h; 144 pages; 65 photos.
© ​2015; Ages 13 to Adult; Nonfiction; Prairie authors; Canadian nonfiction; Biography; Prairie Provinces; Anecdotes; Farming; Rural life; History; Family life; Education; Canadian.

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Responses from Readers:

  • “We both enjoyed it very much. My husband remembers doing a lot of the things that were in the stories.”
  • “These stories are so good. They remind me of my days on the farm.”
  • “I am enjoying this book so much. It brings back so many memories.”
  • “I couldn’t read it until after my husband had finished it!”
  • “I love the story of the mouse in the cream.”

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