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2024 One Book One Province events for Miss G and Me by Jennifer S. Wallace!
One Book One Province is a province-wide program that aims to increase literacy and create a reading culture by providing opportunities for residents to become more socially engaged in their community through a shared story. One Book One Province encourages Saskatchewan’s social, economic, and cultural development while supporting libraries and collaboration. Author Jennifer Wallace will be presenting pieces of her book at these public events:

  • Saskatoon – April 3 at the University of Saskatchewan and Saskatoon Public Library
  • Weyburn – April 4 at Weyburn Public Library
  • Moose Jaw –  April 5 at Moose Jaw Public Library
  • Regina – April 8 at the Dr. John Archer Library, University of Regina
  • Prince Albert – April 9 at Prince Albert Public Library
  • Watrous – April 10 at Watrous Branch Library

JANUARY 2024: Two more DriverWorks Ink books are available as e-books!
Murphy Mondays: The First St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog in a Canadian Emergency Room by Jane Smith is a children’s picture book that tells of an English Springer Spaniel that is the first St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog to visit an emergency room in all of Canada.
Crash Harrison: Tales of a Bomber Pilot Who Defied Death by Deana J. Driver shares the inspiring life story of a 100-year-old Saskatoon man who served in the Canadian Air Force and survived four plane crashes as a bomber pilot during the Second World War. Both titles are now available as e-books from Kobo, Apple, Amazon, and Overdrive. Search your favourite e-book vendor’s site by the book title or author name.

SEPTEMBER 2023: DriverWorks Ink is pleased to introduce 2 new books:
See You in Le Touquet – A Memoir of War and Destiny by Romie Christie shares the inspiring story of Romie’s parents’ war story turned love story. Canadian Army Captain Sandy MacPherson (who became a Saskatchewan Queen’s Bench judge), is known as the liberator of the town of Le Touquet (too-kay), France, where he met Dorothy Borutti, who had been imprisoned by the German occupiers for listening to English radio. Nonfiction, Biography, Canadian Military History.
Tunnels of Tyranny – Moose Jaw Time Travel Adventure #4 by Mary Harelkin Bishop finds young Andrea and Tony back in time again in the tunnels below Moose Jaw. On a mission for their grandfather, they soon discover unnerving figures wearing eerie white hoods. Historical fiction, ages 9 and up, updated with illustrations, modern language, and resources.

AUGUST 2023: DriverWorks Ink is pleased to introduce 2 new books:
Crash Harrison – Tales of a Bomber Pilot Who Defied Death by Deana J. Driver tells the inspiring story of 100-year-old war veteran (and Honorary Snowbird) Reginald “Crash” Harrison of Saskatoon, who survived four plane crashes and became a hero to many. Nonfiction, Biography, Canadian Military History.
Don’t They Kick When You Do That? Vol. 2. More Stories of a Prairie Veterinarian by Dr. Gary Hoium shares more amusing anecdotes of Dr. Hoium’s animal and human encounters, experiences, adventures, and stories from his perspective as an “Animal Doc” for 40 years. Nonfiction, Rural Life Humour.

JUNE 2023: Our updated edition of Mary Harelkin Bishop’s book Tunnels of Treachery – Moose Jaw Time Travel Adventure #3 has been selected as a Best Books for Kids & Teens 2023, Junior and Intermediate Fiction (for Tweens ages 8 – 14) by the Canadian Children’s Book Centre! Expert committees of educators, booksellers, and school and public librarians across Canada reviewed 433 submissions, looking for excellence in writing, illustration or performance that will appeal to children and young adults. Congratulations to Mary Harelkin Bishop, cover and inside illustrator Wendi Nordell, and editor-publisher DriverWorks Ink!

MAY 2023: Dr. Gary Hoium’s book Don’t They Kick When You Do That? Stories of a Prairie Veterinarian, is in the Top 40 of Amazon’s Rural Life Humour books! You can buy a signed copy from our website!

E-books:  These titles published by DriverWorks Ink are available as e-books. Search your favourite e-book store by book or author title.

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