Tunnels of Treachery: Moose Jaw Time Travel Adventure #3


  • Format Trade Paperback
  • Author Mary Harelkin Bishop
  • Publish Date September 29, 2022
  • ISBN 978-1-927570-69-2
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Description: (Moose Jaw Time Travel Adventure #3)  When their friends, Kami and Eddie Mark, accidentally fall into the time-travelling tunnels below Moose Jaw, fourteen-year-old Andrea and her ten-year-old brother Tony have no choice but to go back in time to rescue them. In that dank, dark underground, they learn of harsh working conditions being forced on Chinese immigrants, and Kami and Eddie are now among them! Can Andrea and Tony find enough money to pay the Chinese Head Tax the Canadian government has imposed on their friends? What risks must be taken to save Kami and Eddie and get safely back to the present?

Updated and republished by DriverWorks Ink and Emmbee Ink.

This updated third book in the bestselling Canadian children’s adventure series features modernized language, 12 black and white illustrations, Historical Notes, Useful Resources, Discussion Questions, and a “Get Creative” section.

ISBN 978-1-927570-69-2; 5.5″w x 8.5″h; 240 pages; cover art and 12 illustrations by Wendi Nordell. © ​2022; Ages 9 and up; Juvenile fiction; Young Adult Fiction; Adventure; Historical Fiction; Canadian Chinese Head Tax; Family; Change; Co-operation; Friendship; Determination; Canadian History; Literacy; Education; Learning resources; Prairie Provinces; Saskatchewan author; Canadian.

Responses from Readers: 

  • “This series is terrific! Classic! It’s right up there with Anne of Green Gables!
  • “You’re such a great writer! Love these books!”
  • “You brought our history to life.”
  • “This was so good. I can’t wait to read the next book.”


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