See You in Le Touquet : A Memoir of War and Destiny


  • Format Trade Paperback
  • Author Romie Christie
  • Publish Date September 27, 2023
  • ISBN 978-1927570-84-5
Romie Christie1 Book


Description: From inside her prison cell in Lille, France, Dorothy Borutti vowed she would embrace the first liberator who came to free her and her hometown of Le Touquet (too-kay) from the clutches of the German occupiers. She’d been thrown in jail as a political prisoner for listening to the English radio. Across the English Channel in Britain, Captain Sandy MacPherson was creating a more just Court Martials system for the Canadian Army, though itching to directly support Canadian troops in combat. And that’s how he found himself in Le Touquet, France, in the arms of Dorothy Borutti.
Sandy and Dorothy’s story follows their separate journeys in Canada and France, and their wartime efforts to return the world to freedom.

After the war, Dorothy followed Sandy back to Canada, where he ruled on significant cases as an esteemed Saskatchewan Queen’s Bench judge. Dorothy would embrace her new country of Canada while serving as a lifelong ambassador for her homeland of France. Theirs is a story of war, love, and peace. A story for the ages.

Their daughter, former Canadian journalist Romie Christie, shares glimpses of her parents’ captivating lives through family stories, journal entries, and historical records.

978-1927570-84-5; 6”x9”; 224 pages; 72 photos and 3 maps. © ​2023; Ages 13 to Adult. Nonfiction; Biography; Canadian Military History; Military Veterans; Short stories; Anecdotes;  Canadian history; Second World War; Saskatchewan; Canadian author.

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