Moose Jaw Time Travel Adventure series – 5 books – by Mary Harelkin Bishop


  • Format Trade Paperback
  • Author Mary Harelkin Bishop
  • Publish Date August 31, 2023
  • 4 Moose Jaw Time Travel Adventure books by Mary Harelkin Bishop - DriverWorks Ink
Mary Harelkin Bishop12 Books


Description: Order the four books of the Moose Jaw Time Travel Adventure series by Mary Harelkin Bishop and save! These books in the bestselling Canadian children’s adventure series have been updated and republished. They feature modernized language, 10 to 12 black and white illustrations by artist Wendi Nordell, Historical Notes, Resources, Discussion Questions, and other fun activities sections.

In Tunnels of Time, Moose Jaw Time Travel Adventure #1, Andrea accidentally falls into the tunnels below Moose Jaw and goes back in time to the 1920s. She runs into dangerous gangsters and gamblers who are hiding in the tunnels below the city of Moose Jaw. Can she outsmart them before they cause more problems?

In Tunnels of Terror, Moose Jaw Time Travel Adventure #2, Andrea’s younger brother Tony finds his way into the tunnels too. The siblings are soon caught in a scary situation with a gang of criminals. How can they find the courage to expose the crooks?

In Tunnels of Treachery, Moose Jaw Time Travel Adventure #3, Andrea and Tony follow their friends back in time and learn about the Chinese Head Tax that was imposed in Canada in the 1920s. What can they do to free their friends from the harsh working conditions being forced on Chinese immigrants?

In Tunnels of Tyranny, Moose Jaw Time Travel Adventure #4, Andrea and Tony make their way back into the dark tunnels below 1920s Moose Jaw once again as a favour to their grandfather. They find out that dangerous things are happening in the city, and they have frightening encounters with people wearing creepy hoods. What must Andrea and Tony do to stop these strangers from carrying out their hateful plans?

Updated and republished by DriverWorks Ink and Emmbee Ink.

Each book is 5.5″w x 8.5″h; 224 to 248 pages; with cover art and 10-12 illustrations by Wendi Nordell. © ​2020-2023; Ages 9 and up; Juvenile fiction; Young Adult Fiction; Adventure; Historical Fiction; Family; Change; Co-operation; Friendship; Determination; Canadian History; Literacy; Education; Learning resources; Prairie Provinces; Saskatchewan author; Canadian. 

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