Murphy Mondays: The First St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog in a Canadian Emergency Room


  • Format Trade Paperback
  • Author Jane Smith
  • Publish Date September 18, 2018
  • ISBN 978-1-927570-45-6
Jane Smith1 Book


Description: Murphy, an English Springer Spaniel, is the first St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog to visit an emergency room in all of Canada. The visits by Murphy and his handler, Jane, to the Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, are enjoyed so much by hospital patients that Mondays have become known in the emergency room as “Murphy Mondays.” Jane and Murphy also love to teach children how to wash their hands properly. Singing “Happy Birthday to Murphy” is a fun way to learn.

SK Curriculum: Grades 3-5 – Health Education
ISBN 978-1-927570-45-6; 8“w x 8″h; 36 pages; cover art and 10 illustrations by Wendi Nordell; 13 photos; Discussion questions. ​©2018; Ages 4 and up; Juvenile nonfiction; Animals, Dogs; Health care; Behaviour; Royal University Hospital Foundation; St. John Ambulance; Therapy dogs; Sociology; Saskatchewan author; Canadian.​

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About the Author:  Jane Smith lived in Riverview, New Brunswick for over 40 years before moving to Halifax in 2009. Jane and Murphy moved from Nova Scotia to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 2014. Since the fall of 2015, they have visited the Royal University Hospital Emergency Room in Saskatoon. Jane is a retired schoolteacher and this is her first book.

Responses from Readers:

  • “What a lovely book. I’ve seen Murphy at the hospital. He’s amazing.”
  • “That’s amazing! What a good dog.”​
  • “My daughter will love this book. She loves animals.”

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